The Origin of Human Nature: A Zen Buddhist Looks at Evolution

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Endorsements of The Origin of Human Nature

"In this intelligently written little book Albert Low gives us a modern Guide for the Perplexed; a richly thoughtful reflection on the roots of human nature that glows with a deep respect for both science and the spirit."
Allan Combs,
Author of The Radiance of Being

"Albert Low offers us a strikingly original vision of evolution and human nature.  He presents us with a choice that is stark, with implications that are far-reaching.  On the one hand, we can take the metaphor of “man as machine” literally and, as a consequence, abandon those very qualities that make us human and make life worth living.  On the other hand we can come to see that the evolutionary process, and therefore ourselves, as fundamentally intelligent and creative.  The choice, Low tells us, is fateful and ours to make."

William Byers PhD,
Author of How Mathematicians Think

"The battles over evolution are fought by two sides that are far too rigid in their thinking, the Biblical literalists on the one hand and the mechanistically committed materialists on the other.  But our human and spiritual nature is much bigger than fanatic literalism or scientistic dogmatism, and Low's refreshing book offers a more open direction to explore the potentials of evolution for real human beings."

Charles T. Tart, PhD,
Author of Mind Science: Meditation Training for Practical People

"In The Origin of Human Nature_ Albert Low Roshi offers us a larger context for thinking about evolution, a context that goes beyond the blindness of passivity and chance. Here, in the more gracious place Low provides, we can envision evolution's possibilities, possibilities that go far beyond selfish memes and reductive materialism. In providing us with a model of evolution that transcends that of Dawkins and Dennett, so Low also provides us with a a model of conversation and understanding that transcends Evolution vs Intellgent Design. We are all the richer for it."

Franz Metcalfe, PhD
Author of What Would Buddha Do?

"I enthusiastically recommend this book.  As a hard-core scientist, I was overjoyed to read Dr. Low’s “knowing” centered approach to human origin’s and nature, as well as his eloquent rebuttal of the “selfish gene” neo-Darwinism that now dominates mainstream views. Dr. Low’s vision dovetails perfectly with the broader scientific vision of evolution that I work with but perhaps it takes a Zen master to communicate the profundity of its human implications to a world so desperate for a deeply felt understanding of purpose and meaning."

Dr. S. J. Goerner,
Author of After the Clockwork Universe: The Emerging Science and Culture of Integral Society

"Transcending the clichés on both sides of the modern God/evolution debate, Dr. Low’s book offers a most welcome invitation to the joyful work of thinking like a human being about what an evolving human being is and can—and, for the sake of our world, must-- become."
Jacob Needleman
Author of Why Can’t We Be Good?

"In THE ORIGIN OF HUMAN NATURE,  Dr. Albert Low breathes new life into old terms -- the transcendent, consciousness, awareness, evolution, creativity, intention -- not by going around science, but by going through it.  In the current frenzy to purge science of purpose, meaning, direction, and values, Low's insights are a welcome resource. One might say that our survival depends on the wisdom in this book."

Larry Dossey, MD.
Author of The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things